Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014-03-20 Raven Cliff Falls Adventure

Raven Cliff Falls Adventure
Mountain Bridge Wilderness
Greenville County, SC
Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Group Photo at the Base of Raven Cliff Falls
L to R: Bob, Darrin, Me, Mitch 

Ever since I got into waterfall wandering, I have always wanted to get to the base of Raven Cliff Falls!  I have viewed it from the overlook areas about a dozen times, but have never been to the base.  That type of off trail exploring is strongly discouraged by the SC State Park Rangers!

But that has never stopped us before!  Darrin, Bob, Mitch, and I decided to all take the day off from work!  While off trail exploration is not illegal in South Carolina State Parks it is definitely not encouraged!  So we decided to do this trek on a week day when we would be much less likely to encounter people who might question our activities!

Warning!   This type of adventure is only for the most extreme bushwhacking enthusiasts!  Therefore, I am not going to post any details or directions about the route we took.  Instead, I am just going to share some of the photos:

 Darrin bushwhacking towards the main drop of Raven Cliff Falls

 The Main Drop of Raven Cliff Falls
Even with the early start, the sun was shining directly into the lens from this side

 You can actually walk under the main drop of Raven Cliff Falls
Bob can be seen walking under the Falls which also gives a good sense of scale

 Raven Cliff Falls
Bob is near the Lower Right of this photo for scale

 Raven Cliff Falls

 Break time overlooking Raven Cliff Falls

After we finished up our Raven Cliff Falls Adventure, we had some time left for a few more stops.

 Bald Rock with a view of Table Rock

Spider Tunnel Falls is one that Darrin discovered a few years ago.  Not a huge waterfall, but one that I find very interesting.  The Falls drops through a hole in the rock and then flows through a tunnel.  When Darrin first discovered this waterfall, he ran into a large Spider in the Tunnel.  Hence the name, "Spider Tunnel Falls"

Spider Tunnel Falls

Darrin inside the Spider Tunnel

Rainbow at Spider Tunnel Falls

Mitch and Bob checking out Spider Tunnel Falls

It was way to sunny of a day for optimal waterfall photography, but it was still a great day to be outside with some of my "Team Waterfall" Buddies!

The Complete set of photos is posted here:


Eeyore said...

Get some pretty dark neutral density filters for those bright days and it can drive the shutter speed way down to give you that silk without changing color etc. They make them almost like welders glass if you need it and they aren't too expensive.

Jack said...

Yes, ND Filters can definitely help, but they just can't duplicate the results of a nice overcast day for photographing waterfalls!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some still make it to the bottom. I did it twice in the '70s before trails were marked very well.