Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019-01-12 Grassy Knob Branch

Grassy Knob Branch Falls
Another Team Waterfall Discovery
Yancey County, NC
Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Group Photo at Upper Grassy Knob Branch Falls
L to R:  Boone, Kona, Andy, Me, Scott, Jennifer

Andy came up with the plan to explore Grassy Knob Branch in search of some undocumented waterfalls!  He pinpointed a spot at about the 4,444' elevation line that looked on the topo maps like it would have some good waterfall potential!  So I decided to join him on this exploratory hike!

Also joining us would be Jennifer, Scott (aka The Professor), and Andy's dogs Boone and Kona!  We met up in Marion and combined vehicles for the final drive to the Black Mountain Campground Trailhead Parking Area.

The total hike was about 7.0 miles round trip.  Approximately 5.0 miles (2.5 miles each way) of this hike is forest service roads.  Plus we did about a mile each way bushwhacking up Grassy Knob Branch.  We stayed on river left the entire time and the route we took was a fairly easy bushwhack.  The total elevation gain was about 1,500 feet  (about 1,000 of this is the bushwhack up Grassy Knob Branch)  Here is the GPS Track from our hike

We did get a few flurries, sleet, and ice but had hoped for a good bit more winter weather!  However, none of us were disappointed!  This was another successful Team Waterfall discovery and a great day in the woods with some awesome friends!

Here are some of the photos from our adventure:

 Andy with Boone and Kona

Jennifer and Scott

Icy Cascades along Grassy Knob Branch

 Tree Fungus

Icy Cascades along Grassy Knob Branch 


Icy Cascades along Grassy Knob Branch 

Snowflakes on some Green Moss

Waterfall on Grassy Knob Branch

Icy Cascades along Grassy Knob Branch 


Upper Grassy Branch Falls

Scott and Me at the Upper Drop of Upper Grassy Branch Falls

Upper Grassy Branch Falls

Andy at Upper Grassy Branch Falls

Group Photo at Upper Grassy Branch Falls

My complete set of photos is posted here:

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019-01-09 Reedy River Falls at Night

Reedy River Falls at Night
Downtown Greenville, SC
Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Of all the times I have been to downtown Greenville, SC I have never taken a photo of Reedy River Falls at night with anything other than a Cell Phone!  

Amy and I were meeting our friends Andy and Christy for a few beers in downtown Greenville!  Since it gets dark early this time of year, I took advantage of the situation and brought my good camera and tri-pod to photograph Reedy River Falls at night!

Amy and Me at Falls Park
Downtown Greenville, SC

 Reedy River Falls at Falls Park

 The Liberty Bridge over Reedy River Falls

The Liberty Bridge over Reedy River Falls

Reedy River Falls at Falls Park

Reedy River Falls at Falls Park

Reedy River Falls at Falls Park

 Reedy River Falls at Falls Park

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019-01-05 Another Team Waterfall Adventure

Another Team Waterfall Adventure Weekend!
Jones Gap State Park
Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, SC
Saturday, January 5th, 2019

 Danger!  Men Playing!

Andy and I made our first attempt to find Headforemost Falls about 10 years ago.  Shortly after, Darrin found my blog post which is what led to us meeting Darrin and eventually led to the formation of Team Waterfall!

However, all that time and Darrin still had not made it to Headforemost Falls.  While the upper drops are part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, the easiest access and the Lower Drops require crossing private property.

Fortunately for this weekend, we were able to obtain permission visit this private property and check out all the major drops along Headforemost Creek!

Since most of this adventure was on private property, I am not going to post any GPS tracks or information as to the location of these Falls.

Instead, I am just going to stick to photos for most of this trip report!

 The Middle Saluda River

 Power Line Falls  (aka Waterfall best viewed from the Road)

Group Selfie at the Start of the Hike
12 Went In (+ 3 dogs)

Most of the Group (except for Me)

 John and Darrin

 Selfie at Headforemost Falls

 Headforemost Falls




 Me at Headforemost Falls


Andy and John

 Darrin, Spencer, and Bob


Upper Headforemost Falls
See if you can find Spencer for a sense of Scale

In addition to reaching Headforemost Falls, Darrin (aka the Salmon) had another goal of going swimming in a Carolina Lake, River, or Creek every month of the year.  All that was left was January!  Mission Accomplished!
Darrin and Ziggy going for a swim at the base of Headforemost Falls

 Andy at Upper Headforemost Falls

Waterfall on Headforemost Creek

Waterfall on Headforemost Creek

 Bob by a waterfall on Headforemost Creek

 Elliott and Rachel hanging out

 Waterfall on Headforemost Creek

In typical Team Waterfall Fashion, the group split up into several smaller groups.  Here is who I was left with towards the end of our hike

 Bob, Elliott, Rachel, Daniel, Andy, Me, and Darrin

Rachel, Elliott, and Daniel


Small Tributary Waterfall entering the Middle Saluda River

After the hike, most of our group set up camp along the Hospital Rock Trail and enjoyed an awesome evening hanging out around the campfire!
Hanging out around the campfire

 A cool tree and a starry sky above our campsite
 Group Photo around the campfire

 The Middle Saluda River the next morning

The Middle Saluda River the next morning

This was another awesome Team Waterfall Adventure Weekend!
My complete set of photos is posted here: