Thursday, March 28, 2019

2019-03-23 Savannah Georgia Weekend and the Mighty Eighth

Savannah Georgia Weekend
and the Mighty Eighth! 
Friday, March 22nd through Monday March 25th, 2019

Amy and Me just after a Savannah Sunset!

We had a very enjoyable weekend getaway to Savannah, Georgia!

But first, a bit of history!

This story behind our little weekend getaway starts about 75 years ago!

August 6th, 1944
World War II
Somewhere in the sky over Hamburg, Germany

My wife's Grandpa, Staff Sargent Walter C. Sane Sr., was a top turret gunner aboard a B-24 Bomber as part of the United States Army Eighth Air Force Unit (aka The Mighty Eighth).

 Amy's Grandfather and his B-24 Bomber Crew
Top row, 4th from the left

On a bombing mission over Hamburg, Germany, their plane was shot down.  Fortunately Amy's grandfather survived the crash.  Unfortunately he was almost immediately captured by Nazi soldiers and spent the next 10 months as a Prisoner of War in Nazi Germany.

A series of telegraphs that Amy's Grandma received 75 years ago

Now that Amy's Grandparents have both passed, Amy and her family had a house full of treasures to go through, including boxes of stuff from the war 75 years ago.

Amy and her sister Jenny decided to donate most of the war memorabilia to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA

The original utensils issued to Amy's Grandpa at the Nazi POW camp. 

Since we were going down to Georgia to meet with the Museum curators, we decided to make a long weekend out of it and rented a house in the Historic District of Savannah, GA.

Along the way, Amy and I decided to break up the drive and spend a few hours exploring around downtown Columbia, SC
Welcome to Columbia!

The Columbia Neverbust Chain

 Tunnel Vision! - Cool painting on the side of a building in Columbia, SC

 They got some big dogs around Columbia

Enjoying a lunch flight at the Twisted Spur Brewery

After a nice visit to Columbia, SC we continued our drive down to Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah, Georgia is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is definitely a worthwhile place to visit.   Here are some of the photos from our weekend:
Amy at our rental house

Selfie time on the porch of our rental house

 Savannah Sunrise
 Lots of big boats along the Savannah River

Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

Forsyth Park

Our niece Caroline with Amy at Forsyth Park

Jenny and Hugh  (Amy's sister and brother-in-law)

 Savannah Sunrise

Savannah's Waving Girl under a mostly full moon

Savannah Sunrise

On Sunday we took a short drive to Tybee Island to visit the lighthouse, have a little beach picnic lunch, and dip our feet into the Atlantic Ocean!

 The Tybee Island Lighthouse

 Lighthouse view Panorama

Lighthouse Selfie with Caroline (and photobombed by Jenny)

 Jack and Amy lighthouse Selfie

The Tybee Island Lightouse

 Picnic on Tybee Island Beach

 The Tybee Island Pier

 Sisters - Jenny and Amy
 Me on the Tybee Island Pier

Caroline under the Tybee Island Pier

Here are a few more shots from the rest of our weekend!

 Savannah Sunset

 Forsyth Park at Night

Savannah Sunrise

The Waving Girl at Sunrise

 Savannah Sunrise

On Monday, we finished up our weekend at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum! 

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

It was a very enjoyable weekend getaway, and the curators at the Mighty Eighth Museum were thrilled to receive, catalog, store, and preserve all the items we donated!

The complete set of photos from our Savannah Weekend Getaway are posted here:

Thursday, March 21, 2019

2019-03-16 Terrapin Mountain Hike + a few waterfalls!

Terrapin Mountain Adventure
Plus a visit to Silver Run Falls and Coyote Falls
Nantahala National Forest
Jackson County, NC
Saturday, March 16th, 2019

 Me and Scott on Terrapin Mountain with a view of Whiteside Mountain behind us!

Terrapin Mountain is located on public property within boundaries of the Nantahala National Forest.  However, there are no official trails and surrounding private proptery make it difficult to access.  Staying entirely on public land involves a very long and arduous journey!

Fortunately, my buddy Scott (aka The Professor) was able to obtain permission to park on private property making access to Terrapin Mountain much easier.

But first a few stops along the way!

Roadside Sunrise

Silver Run Falls Selfie with The Professor

Silver Run Falls

After Silver Run Falls, we headed over for our main hike of the day.  Since we obtained permission to park and start the hike on private property, I am not going to post the GPS track.  But here are some of the photos!
view from Terrapin Mountain

 Terrapin Shell on Terrapin Mountain

 Terrapin Mountain Panorama

The Professor showing off the views from Terrapin Mountain

View from Terrapin Mountain

Can you spot the Professor?

The Professor enjoying the View of Whiteside Mountain from Terrapin Mountain

Terrapin Mountain Panorama

View of Whiteside Mountain from Terrapin Mountain

The Professor soaking up the view from Terrapin Mountain

A little ice in a cave we found on Terrapin Mountain

The Professor pointing out some of the interesting geological features of the cave

The Professor on Terrapin Mountain

Since Scott has never been to Coyote Falls, we decided to head there after our Terrapin Mountain hike.  
Coyote Falls

Time for a Dale's Pale Ale at Coyote Falls 

Coyote Falls Selfie with the Professor

Coyote Falls

This was an awesome day to enjoy the Mountains and Streams of the Carolina Mountains with my good friend Scott!

My complete set of photos is posted here: