Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017-03-18 Team Waterfall Adventure

Another Team Waterfall Adventure and Discovery
Pickens County, SC and Transylvania County, NC
Saturday, March 18th, 2017
with Andy, Boone, and David

Group Photo at a newly discovered waterfall

Andy, David, Boone, and I went way off trail to explore some relatively inaccessible sections of creek along the Pickens County, SC and Transylvania County, NC state line.

We started out at the Laurel Fork Gap Foothills Trail access area and began our hike to the north on some gated forest service roads.

As we passed by the headwaters of Laurel Fork Creek we spotted some falling water through the trees.  We decided to break up the monotony of the road walk to get a closer look at this one!

Waterfall on the Headwaters of Laurel Fork Creek

It was a short but difficult scramble to get to the base of this one!  I would estimate it to be about 25 feet high.    

After a nice break, we continued our hike along the forest service roads. 

Boone finds a great hiking stick along one of the forest service roads

After about 3.5 miles of road walking we would strike off into the woods and begin our steep bushwhack down to the next creek that Andy wanted to explore!

As we crossed over from Pickens County, SC to Transylvania County, NC we did not see any Welcome to North Carolina signs.  We also did not see any No Trespassing signs, even though I am fairly certain that once we crossed into North Carolina, we were on private property.

Therefore, I am not going to post the name of the creek we explored or the GPS track.

We did not find any major waterfalls, but found a bunch of pretty smaller waterfalls and cascades that few people will ever see!

 This was the most significant waterfall we found

 Group Photo  (L to R:  Me, Boone, Davide, Andy)

Andy, Boone, and David heading up the creek

 Nice cascade along the creek

 Another nice cascade along the creek

I really liked this one!  Very photogenic in my opinion

 This was the last little drop before the creek really flattened out

The bright sun and brisk breeze did not make for good waterfall photography but did make for a great day to be outside for another Team Waterfall Adventure and Discovery!

My complete set of photos is posted here:

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017-03-04 Jekyll Island, GA

Jack and Amy's Weekend Getaway
to the Georgia Coast
Day 2 - Jekyll Island, GA
Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Jekyll Island Sunset

For Day 2 of our weekend getaway to the Georgia Coast, Amy and I decided to spend the day exploring Jekyll Island.

We started out with a nice long walk along Driftwood Beach

Amy at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

 Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Me at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

After Driftwood Beach, we explored the West side of the Island, including the Horton House Ruins and the Historic District.

 Amy at the Horton House Ruins

A pretty, but overprice hotel in the Historic District of Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island has more miles of pedestrian/bicycle paths than it does roads.  So after a nice lunch, we decided to take advantage of the bike paths and rent bikes.  Do we get two separate bikes or a Tandem Bicycle?   We ended up choosing a Tricycle Built for Two!

Jack and Amy on our Tricycle Built for Two

That was a lot of fun, but definitely not the most efficient mode of transportation!  The roof provided some welcome shade, but on a windy day like we had it really caught the breeze and made it quite the struggle when peddling  into the wind!

Amy by our Trike at Jekyll Island Beach

After returning our Trike and a bit of shopping at Beach Village, we headed over to St. Andrews Beach.  Amy took some time to relax with her book, while I went for another long Beach Walk.

Amy relaxing with her book on St. Andrews Beach

 St. Andrews Beach

 Sailboat off of Jekyll Island

 A rusted old ship mast

Glory Beach on Jekyll Island

We finished up our time on Jekyll Island with a Spectacular Sunset!

Amy at Sunset

A couple of young men building a beach fire

 Jekyll Island Sunset from St. Andrews Beach

 Jekyll Island Sunset from St. Andrews Beach

A couple enjoying some spectacular sunset afterglow by a beach fire

A pair of birds frolicking just after sunset

Later that evening, back at our rental house outside of Brunswick, GA I took a few night photos around the property.

 Starry Sky above the dock at our rental house

Our Rental House at Night

It was a very enjoyable day and weekend getaway!

My complete set of photos from Day 2 are posted here:

Monday, March 6, 2017

2017-03-03 St. Simon's Island, GA

Jack and Amy's Weekend Getaway 
to the Georgia Cost
Day 1 - St. Simons Island
Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Sunset at the St. Simons Island Pier

Since neither of us has ever been to the Georgia Coast, Amy and I decided to make it our destination for a little weekend getaway.  St Simons Island and Jekyll Island were on the top of our list!  However, even during the off season, accommodations on these islands are a bit more than we like to pay.

However, for about half the price of a typical Jekyll Island Hotel Room, Amy found an entire house on its own little private island.  So far we have been please with the accommodations we have been able to find on Airbnb, and this one was no exception. 
Our Accommodations for the Weekend

We were able to check in early on Friday giving us plenty of time to drive the 20 miles into St. Simons Island for the afternoon.

We had a nice lunch, took a long walk along the beach, visited the St. Simons Lighthouse (but did not pay the $12.00 each to climb to the top), checked out the St. Simons Pier, and strolled around the shops in the quaint downtown area. 

Here are some photos from our St. Simons Island Visit:

Amy at our lunch spot

Me at St. Simons Island Beach

 Amy on the St. Simons Island Pier

 The St. Simons Island Lighthouse

Amy climbing a tree on St. Simons Island

Nice Park near the St. Simons Island Pier
Free Hugs with Amy at one of the downtown shops!

We finished our St. Simons Island visit with a nice Sunset!

Amy enjoying a St. Simons Island Sunset

Sunset at the St. Simons Island Pier

St. Simons Island Sunset

Me enjoying the sunset from St. Simons Island Pier

St. Simons Island Sunset

After sunset, we met the Mayor of St. Simons Island hanging out on the Pier!

The Mayor of St. Simons Island

Even during the off season, the restaurants on St. Simons Island are packed on a Friday Evening.  Since we did not feel like waiting for a table, we just stopped off at the Winn Dixie and picked up some fixings for dinner back at the rental house.

After dinner, I grabbed the camera a tripod of a little night time photography.
Our Rental House at Night

 Starry Sky over the dock at our rental house

My complete set of photos from Day 1 of our Georgia Coast weekend getaway are posted here: