Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend 2016

2016 Fourth of July Weekend
Rutherfordton, NC
and Spartanburg, SC

For the 4th of July Weekend Amy's Sister Jenny and her family (and friend JoAnne) came down for a visit on their way to Atlanta.  Most of Saturday was spent at Amy and Jenny's parents place.

 Amy at her parents place

Amy's dad was cooking up about 500 pounds of BBQ.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Shirley were down to help out.

BBQ Central at Amy's Parents Place

 Amy's Dad and Uncle Bill  
I thought this photo worked well in Black and White

Amy's Mom and Aunt Shirley

Most of us figured the best way to help with the BBQ cooking was to just get out of the way, so we organized a little soccer game.

Caroline gives it a boot!

 Jenny and Grace

 Amy Celebrates after taking down Caroline

 I get in on the action

My brother-in-law Hugh

 Caroline Climbs a Tree

 Caroline and Fischer (the neighbor's son)

Jenny, Hugh, and JoAnne continued on to Atlanta, leaving Amy and I to watch over our nieces Grace and Caroline.  We had a great time with the girls!

 Caroline swimming in our friends Larry and Kristi's Pool

 Amy gets bopped in the head by a giant beach ball

 Dinner at Delaney's

Sparkle City Putt Putt

Barnett Park Fountain

Me and Caroline getting soaked in the Barnett Park Fountain

Amy and Grace playing Soccer

I think we wore them out!

Ice Cream with the girls

Caroline enjoying some of Uncle Jack's Waffles!

It was a very enjoyable weekend.

The complete set of photos from our July 4th, 2016 weekend are posted here:

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Team Waterfall Bear Creek Lake Kayak Camping Weekend

Team Waterfall Kayak Camping Weekend
Party Island on Bear Creek Lake
Jackson County, NC
Friday, June 24th through Sunday June 26th, 2016

Group Photo around the Campfire

Here are some photos from the Team Waterfall Kayak Camping Weekend to Bear Creek Lake:

Jesse and Scott the MVPs of the weekend
arrived a day early to make sure we laid claim to Party Island for the weekend

The Badger (Thomas) and The Professor (Scott)

Andy and Christy arrive on the Island

Sunset Paddle to Sols Creek Falls

The Badger catches his first view of Sols Creek Falls

Thomas (the Badger), Bushwhack Jack (me), and Kitty (the Rock Sprite)

 Christy at the base of Sols Creek Falls

 Hanging out around the campfire

Party Island - Our home for the weekend

Party Island Rock and the Bridge of Death

Verde Falls on Robinson Creek

Bob and his Jet Ski

 Darrin "The Salmon" sliding down Robinson Creek Falls

Darrin on the Rope Swing

Bob "The Flying Fish" gets some nice Air

Dillon captures the Action

Meanwhile, back at the Island

Lauren and Dillon

Lazy Afternoon at Camp

Kitty at Flat Creek Falls

Scott, Kitty and Me (the Flat Creek Falls Trio)

Kitty paddling back to the Island at Sunset

Saturday Evening Twilight

Group Photo around the Campfire

Sunday Morning Coffee with Dillon and Lauren

Paddling Back with Kitty and Thomas

Thumbs up from the Badger!  

What an awesome weekend with an awesome group of friends!
Team Waterfall Rocks!

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