Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018-06-09 Team Waterfall Adventure

Another Team Waterfall Adventure
Spencer's Quarry, Coyote Falls, Exit Falls, Bedrock Betty, 
and Green Party Falls (our latest discovery)!
Jackson County, NC
Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Team Waterfall Group Photo at Exit Falls

I wasn't able to participate in all the Team Waterfall weekend plans, but I did decide to join in on the Saturday Afternoon adventure and the Saturday Night Camp Out.

Saturday Afternoon's plan was to explore Democrat Creek, a tributary of the Whitewater River.  I decided to arrive at the campsite and set up my tent prior to the hike since I was pretty sure I would be setting up in the dark if I waited until after!

While setting up my tent, I spotted Spencer's head emerging from a Hammock.  Shortly after that, I got a message from Andy saying the days plans were behind schedule.

So Spencer and I decided to visit Coyote Falls since neither of us had ever been there.  Rather than taking the route up the creek like most people do, Spencer suggested an alternate route that would take us past an old quarry.  Since we had plenty of time, and my name is Bushwhack Jack, I was definitely up for some off trail exploring!

Spencer Admiring the cool rock wall of the old quarry

The bushwhack was relatively easy and we had no problems finding the old quarry.  The only mishap occurred when Spencer dropped his Cell Phone, which bounced a couple of times before sliding into a deep hole!
Spencer trying to recover his cell phone

Got it!

 Spencer by the old quarry rock wall

From the quarry we continued our bushwhack to the west down to Little Whitewater Creek.  I have seen photos of Coyote Falls before, but this one still exceeded my expectations.  I believe we hit it at about optimum water flow!
 Coyote Falls

 Spencer and Me at Coyote Falls

Coyote Falls

After Coyote Falls, we drove on to the parking area for the Upper Whitewater River to meet the rest of the group.  It was close to 3:00pm before everyone arrive and we got started.  Some of the group still wanted to stick with the original plan, but after much discussion, we ultimately decided to scrap the plans to explore Democrat Creek.  Most of us didn't feel we had enough time to fully explore what we wanted to see there!

Instead we decided to head down to Exit Falls via the Cave Route, which is really cool!

Christy descending through the cave to the base of Exit Falls

The Cave takes you to the base of Exit Falls where there is normally a nice beach area to hang out on.  However, with the water levels up, the beach was mostly underwater!

Exit Falls

 Darrin at Exit Falls

 Spencer, Amos, and Stephanie at Exit Falls

A nice trail follows alongside the river from Exit Falls downstream to Bedrock Betty.  Most of us took the trail, but one man known as The Salmon decided to take a different route!

The Salmon

Bedrock Betty is a very scenic cascading waterfall on the Upper Whitewater River! 

 Bedrock Betty

 Bedrock Betty

 Darrin at Bedrock Betty

 Me (and Darrin) at Bedrock Betty

 Bedrock Betty

Some of the group decided to head back after Bedrock Betty.  But five of us (Andy, Spencer, John, Darrin, and Myself) decided to explore a short distance up an unnamed tributary stream.  This stream is so small, that it doesn't even show up on most topo maps!

I really wasn't expecting much, and the small branch was fairly overgrown making for a difficult trek at the end of a day.  However, it wasn't too long before we came upon this sight!

John at our newly discovered waterfall!

As far as we know, this one has not been documented anywhere.  So we had some discussions about what to call it.  Dead Snake Falls was one idea!

Darrin with a Dead Snake

But instead we went with a little political humor!  Since this stream is located to the "far left" of Democrat Creek, we declared this previously unnamed stream, "Green Party Branch".  And this newly discovered waterfall will forever be known as Green Party Falls!

 John, Darrin, and Spencer at Green Party Falls

 John Darrin, and Spencer at Green Party Falls

 Spencer at Green Party Falls

After fully enjoying our new discovery, we returned back to Bedrock Betty and followed the easy route back to the parking area passing by the Magic Bus along the way!

The Magic Bus

On the drive back to the campsite we stopped to check out the pre-sunset view from the Wigington Road Overlook

 Sunset from the Wigington Road Overlook

 Spencer proudly wearing the official Team Waterfall T-Shirt

Sunset Selfie

We arrived at the campsite shortly before dark and had a very enjoyable evening hanging out around the campfire!
 Hanging out around the campfire

The next morning, I decided to do the short hike from our campsite to the Whitewater Falls Overlook.  A very touristy spot, but it was early enough in the day that I had it all to myself!

Whitewater Falls

This was another awesome team waterfall weekend.

My complete set of photos is posted here:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

2018-05-28 Jack and Amys Beach Vacation - Part 3

Jack and Amy's Beach Vacation Part 3
The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Duck, NC
May 28th, 29th, 30th, 2018

I managed to wake up before sunrise every day this vacation and today was no exception.  It was a bit foggy, but still a pleasant morning to stroll along the beach!

Duck, NC is an awesome little beach town.  Traffic can be a problem during peak summer months, but most of the time it is a very pleasant place to visit.  Amy and I took a stroll along the Duck Boardwalk and visited several of the local shops

Welcome to Duck.  

 Jack and Amy Duck Boardwalk Selfie

The Duck Boardwalk

Hanging out with a Duck in Duck

The afternoon rains kicked in so not a whole lot of photo opportunities for the rest of the day.  I did try to squeeze in a few little walks whenever the rain let up a bit.

The beach house we rented

Rainy Day at the Beach

The Currituck Sound

The rains continued into the next morning.  There was absolutely no sunrise, but I decided it would be a good morning to walk to the Duck Pier.  I am one of those people that actually prefer a cloudy and rainy day at the beach over a bright sunny day!

 Rainy Morning at the Beach

Getting Closer to the Duck Pier

Underneath the Duck Pier

The Duck Pier

Rainy Morning at the Beach

Upside Down Blow Fish

 Beach House

The rain let up later that morning, so I made another trip down to the beach with Amy.

 Amy with her Minion Kite

Cloudy morning at the beach

 Amy trying to fly her kite!

We had a nice lunch in Duck with my parents, and then took them on a little stroll along the Duck Boardwalk!

Family Selfie at the Sunset Grill

Amy with my Parents on the Duck Boardwalk

Me with my Parents on the Duck Boardwalk

Me and Amy along the Duck Boardwalk

 My Parents along the Duck Boardwalk

 along the Duck Boardwalk

Along the Duck Boardwalk

The waterfront Shops area of the Duck Boardwalk

Later that day, Amy and I made a pre-sunset trip down to the beach.

 Amy flying her kite

Me at the Beach

The beach shortly before sunset

I really wasn't expecting much of a sunset becuase it was so cloudy, but decided to make the short walk over to the Currituck Sound side of the island.  There really was not any sunset, but immediately after sunset, the sky lit up with some beautiful color!

Sunset over the Currituck Sound

 Sunset over the Currituck Sound 

 Sunset over the Currituck Sound 

Sunset over the Currituck Sound

For our final morning at the beach we planned to scoot out early.  While packing up, I decided to take a few minutes and walk down to the beach for the final sunrise and photos from our 2018 Outer Banks Beach Vacation!

Outer Banks Sunrise

Outer Banks Sunrise

It was a very enjoyable few days at the beach!

My complete set of photos from Part 3 of our beach vacation is posted here: