Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2015-10-30 Return to Little Cove Creek

Return to Little Cove Creek
Green River Gamelands
Polk County, NC

Milton Bradley Falls
Bradley Cooper Falls
Marilou Bradley Falls
Bruce Bradley Cascades
Vicki Bradley Cascades
and the awesome Cavern Falls!

Friday, October 30th, 2015
with Thomas (The Badger), Scott (the Professor), and Mark

The FAB 4 at Cavern Falls
L to R:  Me, Mark, Thomas (the Badger), and Scott (the Professor)

About Two Months ago, Andy, Brenda, and I found what I consider to be our greatest waterfall "discovery" to date!  Obviously we were not the first humans to stumble across this spectacular waterfall, but as far as we know it has never been documented in any publication either in print or online.  We found these waterfalls strictly by studying topo maps, speculating where waterfalls might be, and bushwhacking into the unknown.

I decided to burn my last Vacation day of the fiscal year to make a return visit and show off our "discovery" to some of my other Team Waterfall hiking buddies.

Thomas (The Badger), Scott (The Professor), and Mark would be joining me on this adventure.

Since I have written about this area several times in the past, I am not going to write a full trip report this time.  You can read some of my previous trip reports for a little more detail:

Previous Trip Reports from our Little Cove Creek Adventures:

For this trip, I am just going to post some photos:

Amusing Sign near the Trailhead

 The road leading into the Green River Gamelands

Moon Over the Mountain

Old Cabin in the Green River Gamelands

Milton Bradley Falls

Milton Bradley Falls

Bradley Cooper Falls

 Marilou Bradley Falls

Cavern Falls

The Gang at Cavern Falls

 Cavern Falls

Badger Selfie inside the Cavern at Cavern Falls

Some nice Falls Color 

Bradley Cooper Falls

The Gang at Bradley cooper Falls
L to R:  Me, Thomas (the Badger), Mark, and Scott (the Professor)

Giant Toad

Note:  If you are wondering about our coordinated outfits.  Hiking through NC Gamelands during Deer Season = Wear Orange!  

The complete set of photos is posted here: