Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chimney Rock State Park, Eagle Rock,
and Lake Lure
Rutherford County, NC
Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Last Sunday Amy and I decided to make the short drive up to Rutherford County, NC to hopefully catch some nice Fall Color at Chimney Rock State Park.

 Chimney Rock

There were a few trees that were at peak color, but overall the fall color was far less than spectacular.  It was still a beautiful (but chilly) fall morning to be outside. 

 View of Snow Capped Little Pisgah Mountain from Chimney Rock

We hiked the Skyline Trail and the Outcroppings Trail before deciding to head someplace far less crowded!
 Devil's Head

Amy and Jack at the end of the Skyline Trail

I suggested Eagle Rock, an awesome but relatively unknown rock outcropping at the Northwest end of Rumbling Bald Mountain.  You can get there via a long and strenuous hike up and across the ridge line of Rumbling Bald Mountain.  However, since that hike is not "Amy Approved" we went with a much easier access route.

While Eagle Rock is on public property, there is currently no official public access.  There are loads of No Parking signs near the trail head, but we managed to find a place to park that wasn't right next to a No Parking sign.  It is a short and easy hike of less than a mile.

 First Snow of the Season

 Any on Eagle Rock

 view from Eagle Rock

 Me under Eagle Rock

After Eagle Rock, we returned to Lake Lure and had lunch at La Strada Italian Restaurant, which turned out to be better than expected. 

We finished up the afternoon with a stroll around the park by the Lake Lure Marina.

 Lake Lure Marina

 Lake Lure

 Rumbling Bald Mountain

 First Snowman of the Season

 Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

It was a very enjoyable day to be outside!

The Complete set of Photos is posted here: