Monday, June 1, 2009

Map of Three Forks

This past Saturday was my first visit to the Three Forks area of North East Georgia. I was not able to find a good trail map of the area so I decided to make one.

Click on the link to pull up a full size map:

The Red Line is the Route we took. The widest lines show where the trail would almost be drivable in a 4x4 (some sections actually would be). Where it gets a little narrower shows where the trail is more of a single track. Where it gets real narrow shows where the trail became non-existent and we ended up bushwhacking & creek walking.

This route was not based on a GPS track, but I believe it is a good approximation.

The black lines show where I believe some other trails go. This was based off of several different maps and information I found. As of right now I would use this information only as a guide and to show where the trail intersections are. I have heard that the trail along Big Creek is in pretty rough shape, so there may be some bushwhacking involved there.

The blue dots show the approximate location of waterfalls in the area. A larger Blue dot shows what I consider to be a fairly significant waterfall based on our actual visit, or of photos I have seen. Smaller blue dots show smaller waterfalls, places where I believe there are waterfalls based on what we heard from the trail, or places where other maps show waterfalls.

I hope to get back soon to confirm much of this information.

There are no blazes in this area, so make sure you have a good map and compass and that you know how to use them!


HemlockMan said...

Is this all National Forest land?

Even thought I lived very near that area all during high school, that's a specific spot where I never hiked.

Jack said...

I believe the area we hiked (red track) is all national forest land. Some of the Black Marked trails on the northern part of the map look like they go through private property