Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have to say, our lawn is looking pretty good this year!

However, like any lawn we have weeds!  For today's photos I went for a closer inspection of some of the weeds we have growing in our grass!

One of the most common and dreaded lawn weeds

One of my favorite flowers,
but when they choose my lawn as a place to grow,they become weeds!

Mystery Weed
Not sure what this is, but you really have to look close to see the little flowers
which are only about 1/8" wide


~Christina~ said...

I think I have that mystery weed. You can ask Myrna in the group about it, she may know. I got so tired of fighting those dandelions that I pulled them all up by the roots over one season!! I pulled up like 23 wheelbarrows full of them from our less than an acre area that the house sits on. This year... not one of those things!

Shaye said...

Hi, That mystery weed is called chickweed.

HemlockMan said...

I like the violet.

Anonymous said...

Lily's of the Valley
Very old plant, is the small white flower you are looking for name on.
We have some, and they were used around old homesteads in Ga and Sc. You can find on Corps of Engineer lakes where they have torn down homes to build the lakes. Not popular much any more, but are beautiful. require no care, and bulbs just keep reproducing and growing.
Bloom mostly Feb/Mar. We live near Corps lake in SC and have found many clumps of them.
flashdaddy, spcaugustaga@yahoo.com