Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back from the Woods

We had a great weekend of camping. 
My wife Amy is not a big fan of camping, but every so often she agrees to come along with me.

Jack and Amy at Thorpes Creek Falls

I have over 500 photos to go through, so there will be plenty more to come!


HemlockMan said...

Where is that? Near Wilson Creek?

Fortunately for me, Carole LOVES to camp. Of course having the little Casita helps. But she loves tent-camping too and actually misses the tent from time to time. But not having a black bear go tearing through the campsite while we're in a tent, though.

Jack said...

Yes, this is near Wilson Creek. We camped at the Mortimer Campground. This waterfall is about 5 minutes up the trail that starts at the back end of the campground.

HemlockMan said...

Yep. Been there. Once alone and once with Carole. I really like the Mortimer Campground. But sometimes Wilson Creek is just WAY too crowded. I was there once when the cops were around, and man I am glad I wasn't breaking any rules, because they were out there busting balls.

Jack said...

Sometimes the campground does fill up, especially when our group snags almost the entire upper end. However, I never found the area to be overly crowded. Maybe because for some reason our weekends always end up being scheduled when rain is in the forecast!