Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1938 Cadillac

At my in-laws party Saturday evening, one of the guests showed up in a beautifully restored 1938 Cadillac! 

1938 Cadillac

My father-in-law Chris checking it out

1938 Cadillac

Amy checking out under the hood

I get behind the wheel

The owner of this fine looking vehicle is Mr.Joe Bennett, who I have met several times in the past.  However, I never knew that his family owns and operates The Bennett Classics Antique Auto Mesuem in Forest City, NC. 

Next time we are up visiting Amy's parents and have a little time to kill, we are going to check this place out to see the rest of the Bennett car collection!


Vivian said...

Wow! Nice classic car in mint shape. And great photos of it.

HemlockMan said...

Get the heck out of here!!! That thing is gorgeous! I want one!