Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some new Waterfalls!

Andy, Brenda, Boone, and I had another successful waterfall discovering adventure today.

Here is what we found!

Anyone know where these are?
Hint:  They are all on the same creek located in northern Greenville County, SC

The location will be revealed whenever I get around to posting the trip report!


HemlockMan said...


Anonymous said...

Bald Rock Creek?

Jack said...

Thanks Bob!

Anonymous, No it was not Bald Rock Creek. I am not even sure where Bald Rock Creek is?

Debelli said...

Just came across this post. Not seeing that it was ever revealed where this was and the names of the falls.

Jack Thyen said...

These waterfalls are on Tankersley Branch which is part of Jones Gap State Park. These are all off trail: