Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few photos from todays hike

Mountain Bridge Wilderness, SC
Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Andy, the dogs (Boone and Kona), and I had a great hike today in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness of South Carolina. 
 Kona and Boone

Our main goal for the day was to find the fairly rare Pitcher Plants which is something I have never seen.  We succeeded in that goal!

Andy Photographing some Pitcher Plants

We also found several other varieties of flowers which I have never seen and have not been able to identify.

Another highlight of the hike was the abundance of Mountain Laurel that was blooming everywhere!  I managed to get some Mountain Laurel and a Pitcher Plant Bloom in the same shot:

Pitcher Plant Bloom next to some Mountain Laurel

And a few more shots of Kona!

More photos and a full trip report to come later!

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Brenda W. said...

The mountain laurel really is something along that trail isn't it?? Made me feel like I was in a gigantic wedding or something!!

Super neat picture capturing both a mountain laurel blossom AND a pitcher plant!