Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

 Christmas 2013

Each year we alternate whose side of the family we spend Christmas with.  This year it was Amy's turn so we headed up to her parents place in Rutherford, NC to spend Christmas with Amy's family.

 Christmas 2013 with Amy's Family

We also made a visit to Amy's Grandma.  However, since Grandmas keeps the house at about 95 degrees (not an exaggeration!), I spent most of my time their roaming around her farm taking photos.

 At Amy's Grandma's Farm

After a few days in Rutherfordtown, we returned home to Spartanburg, SC.

My brother and his family, and my parents decided to come down and visit us in Spartanburg for a few days extending our Christmas 2013 Celebration!

 My Niece and Nephew, Marielle and Liam

My Brother Bill and his wife Michelle  (the Qtips are an inside joke)

We made a visit to Greenville, SC
Amy with my Parents

Visited the Greenville Model Train Museum.
 At the Greenville Model Train Museum

Explored a bit around Reedy Falls Park

 Reedy River Falls

 Liam and Marielle running across the Liberty Bridge

 My Brother Bill and his Family

 Liam and Marielle

Amy with Liam and Marielle

Had a nice dinner downtown and Sampled some Moonshine!
 Bill and Michelle sampling some Moonshine at the Dark Corner Distillery

The next evening we decided to light a fire in our fire pit and make some S'mores!

 Amy with Liam and Marielle by the Fire Pit

Marielle enjoying a S'More

It was a very enjoyable Christmas Holiday!

The Complete set of photos is posted here:


Brenda W. said...

What a neat set of pictures!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

wayne15575 said...

You and Amy look better every time I drop by you page. Thanks for sharing Jack.