Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015-08-15 Windy Falls - Take 2

Team Waterfall Adventure
Windy Falls on the Horsepasture River
Nantahala National Forest
Transylvania County, NC
Saturday, August 15th, 2015

 Windy Falls - Take 2

Earlier this year, we finally made it to the base of Windy Falls.  Almost immediately after, we started talking about a return visit!  So this past Saturday Darrin organized the Team Waterfall Troops and we hit the rarely visited section of the Horsepasture River known as Windy Falls.

I am not going to write a detailed trip report.  Instead, I will just post a series of photos from our adventure:

Group Photo at the Start of the Hike
Photo Credit:  Thomas "The Badger" Mabry

Team Waterfall hits the trail

Snake on the Trail

Here's Johnny!


Thumbs Up from the Badger - at the Brink of Windy Falls

Stephanie Leigh climbing down the rocks

Badger Hole

Luke shows how it is done

Josh in the Cave


Windy Falls
Badger Flop
Luke gets some Air!
Kitty (aka the Rock Sprite)
Stephanie Leigh at Windy Falls

Windy Falls - I like the sense of scale that my Team Waterfall Buddies add to this photo
Climbing a Hugh Boulder at Windy Falls

Spencer and Stephanie

Josh show how to relax at Windy Falls

Windy Falls
Photo Credit:  Thomas "The Badger" Mabry

At Windy Falls

Darrin being Darrin

Luke slides down Windy Falls

Stephanie Blue

Team Waterfall at the Base of Windy Falls

Just a simple flower to end an awesome day


The complete set of photos is posted here:

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casualism said...

Awesome trail journal in photos Jack. Thanks for sharing. We certainly left out shadows all over that place! good times!