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2016-09-01 - Jack and Amys Oregon Vacation - Day 5

Jack and Amy's 2016 Oregon Vacation
Day 5
The Oregon Coast
from Reedsport to Lincoln City
Thursday, September 1st, 2016

The Oregon Coast

Amy and I were both really looking forward to the Oregon Coast Part of our Trip.  Because of this we didn't plan any stops along the way from Prospect to the Coast.

Our Drive for the day

As a result we arrived at the coast earlier than expected giving us just about the whole day to explore from Reedsport to Lincoln City where we would be staying for the next two nights.

Our first stop was a slight detour to the south to check out the Umpqua River Lighthouse.  This turned out to be the most unimpressive and unphotogenic lighthouse that I have ever seen.  Fortunately things would get much better than this!

The Umpqua River Lighthouse

Next up was the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area.  We only saw a small area of the Oregon Sand Dunes, but what we saw really wasn't much different than some of the beaches we have back in the Carolinas!  It was still great to get our first taste of the Pacific Ocean!
The Oregon Dunes

 Amy at the Oregon Dunes

Continuing our drive north the scenery got much more interesting!  Plus there was a really cool fog rolling in and out!

view from a Roadside Overlook looking down at the Sea Lion Caves

view from a Roadside Overlook near the Sea Lion Caves

I probably would have passed on the Sea Lion Caves because it seemed a bit touristy for my tastes, but since it was one of the places that Amy wanted to see I caved in!

 The Sea Lion Caves

 Amy posing with some Sea Lions

Even though we didn't see any Sea Lions in the caves, I am glad we decided to go.  The caves were really neat and we also got a great view of the Heceta Head Lighthouse that you can't get from anywhere else!  Also, since it was mid-week, it was not overly crowded!

Inside the Sea Lion Caves

View of the Heceta Head Lighthouse from the Sea Lion Caves

Me at the Sea Lion Caves 

View of the Heceta Head Lighthouse from the Sea Lion Caves

 Amy at the Sea Lion Caves

After the Sea Lion Caves we continued our drive north stopping at a few more roadside overlooks and beach access areas.

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast

Our next stop was at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area where I did a little two mile hike incorporating  some interesting features like Cook's Chasm, Thor's Well, The Spouting Horn, and the Devil's Churn.

 Cape Perpetua Trail Sign

  Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua

 Cape Perpetua

The Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua

To tide us over until dinner, we stopped for an afternoon snack (and a flight of beer) at the Yachats Brewery

Enjoying a Flight at the Yachats Brewery

Our final stop along our drive to Lincoln City was Seal Rocks which turned out to be a very cool spot!

 Seal Rocks

Seagulls at Seal Rocks 

 Amy at Seal Rocks

 Seal Rocks

 Seal Rocks

Amy at Seal Rocks

We arrived at our accommodations in Lincoln City, unpacked, and got settled in.

It had started raining (our first rain of the week), but after spending most of the day in the car, we decided to walk to dinner in the rain.  The Rusty Truck Brewery was less than a half mile up the road from where we were staying.  This one turned out to be my favorite of all the breweries we visited during our trip!

 The first rain of our week!  Fortunately we found a Brewery to Dry off at!

 Enjoying a flight at the Rust Truck Brewing Company

Based on the weather conditions, I really wasn't expecting much in the way of a sunset.  However, when we arrived back at our Condo and stepped out on the Balcony, the sky exploded with color!

Lincoln City Sunset (from our Balcony)

I decided to head on down to the beach for a different perspective and some evening twilight photos.

It was a beautiful day along the Oregon Coast!

The Complete Set of Photos from Day 5 of our Oregon Vacation is posted here:

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