Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017-04-14 Cavern Falls and the Waterfalls on Little Cove Creek

Cavern Falls
and the Waterfalls on Little Cove Creek
Green River Gamelands
Polk County, NC
Friday, April 14th, 2017
with Dillon Senn

Blizzy, Dillon, and Me at Cavern Falls

Dillon and I both had off for Good Friday so we decided to get together for one of my all time favorite hikes and Waterfalls!  He had been as far as Milton Bradley Falls, but today I would "show him the ropes" and take him all the way upstream to the spectacular Cavern Falls!

Also Joining us would be Blizzy (Dillon's faithful canine companion)

 Blizzy on the trail!

Since I have written about this hike several times in the past, I am just going to post some photos from this trip!

Foam Flower

Funny Sign near the Trailhead

Heading into the Green River Game Lands

Old Farm Building in the Green River Gamelands

Mayapple Bloom

Dillon getting down low to photograph the Mayapple Bloom


Milton Bradley Falls

Milton Bradley Falls


Blizzy going for a swim to fetch a log!

Trillium blooming alongside Milton Bradley Falls

Bradley Cooper Falls

Bradley Cooper Falls

Bradley Cooper Falls

Marilou Bradley Falls

Lots of Jack-in-the-Pulpits blooming alongside Marilou Bradley Falls

Dillon and Blizzy at Marilou Bradley Falls

Marilou Bradley Falls

Nice cascade upstream from Marilou Bradley Falls

Cavern Falls

Inside the Cavern at Cavern Falls looking out at Dillon
Me inside the Cavern at Cavern Falls
(photo by Dillon Senn)

Dillon and Blizzy Hiking down from Cavern Falls


Nice Cascade between Marilou Bradley Falls and Cavern Falls

Green River Game Lands

We had bright sun all day, but Storm Clouds rolled in towards the end of our hike

Hiking back out of the Green River Game Lands

The complete set of photos from Friday's Adventure is posted here:

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