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2017-05-19 Bear Creek Lake - Day 1

Bear Creek Lake Kayak Camping Weekend
A Team Waterfall Adventure
Jackson County, NC
Day 1
Friday, May 19th, 2017

Andy and Me at Sols Creek Falls

Party Island on Bear Creek Lake is one of the coolest camping spots I have ever had the pleasure of pitching a tent on!  So when Andy threw out the date for a return visit, I inked it onto my calendar!

The only problem with Party Island is that you can not reserve it.  So if another group  beats you to it, you are out of luck and the backup options are far less appealing.

So I volunteered to take the day off from work on Friday to try to snag the island before the weekend crowds arrive on the lake.

The Bushwhack Jack Kayak loaded up and ready to go!

The paddle out to the Island takes about and hour (at a very leasurely pace)!   An experienced Kayker with a higher quality Kayak could probably do it in half that time.    I also prefer to take my time and hug the shoreline to get as much shade as possible which adds a little bit of distance.

I was very pleased to find the Island empty of inhabitants.  So I staked my claim and declared the Island as Team Waterfall's for the weekend!

 Party Island on Bear Creek Lake

I was also happy to see that the previous inhabitants left a good supply of firewood!  For car camping, I will load up the truck with as much firewood as needed, but I just do not have room on my Kayak to strap on any wood!

After unloading my gear and setting up my tent, I was going to go out for another paddle. 

However, the skies darkened up and thunder started booming in the distance.  It wasn't long before a deluge of rain hit the island!  So I escaped into my tent to lay down and wait out the storm!  Fortunately the heavy rain only lasted for about 20 minutes.

About 45 minutes after the rain stopped, I spotted Andy and Christy rounding the corner of the final stretch of the paddle towards Party Island.

Christy and Andy on the final stretch towards Party Island

I offered up a hand in unloading their gear and helped them get settled onto our island home for the weekend.  After getting set up, Christy was content to hop into her Hammock and relax for a while, but Andy and I had other plans!

 Christy relaxing in her Hammock on Party Island

Andy and I decided to go for a little paddle/hike to Sols Creek Falls!

From Party Island it is about a 15 minute Paddle followed by a 15 minute hike to the Spectacular Sols Creek Falls!  Add in some photography time, and it is about a 2 hour round trip mini-adventure!

 Andy paddling towards Sols Creek Falls

 First view of Sols Creek Falls from the Lake

Sols Creek Falls
 Andy photographing Sols Creek Falls

 Sols Creek Falls

We returned to the Island in time for a nice sunset followed by a very enjoyable evening around the campfire!

 Sunset from Party Island

 Sunset from Party Island

 Andy and Christy
A Glimpse into the Future!

 Evening Twilight from Party Island

 Andy photographing the Evening Twilight

Cool Clouds above Bear Creek Lake

Christy relaxing in her Hammock by the Campfire

 Me, Andy, and Christy hanging out around the campfire

The complete set of photos from Day 1 of our Bear Creek Lake Kayak Camping weekend is posted here:

To be Continued
Day 2 coming soon!

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