Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early Thanksgiving!

My wife Amy's family traditionally celebrates Thanksgiving on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This goes back to the days when Amy's dad worked as a welder for Duke Power.  Since Duke always scheduled maintenance activities for the Thanksgiving weekends, Amy's dad typically had to work Thanksgiving Day.  Amy's Dad has retired, but the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving early continues.

So yesterday, Amy and I made the trip up to Rutherfordton, NC to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with her family.

Most of the trees are bare,
but this one tree in Amy's parents yard still had some spectacular Fall Color!

Amy's dad by the Turkey Fryer with a Moonshine Jug!

Our Niece Grace

How to Deep Fry a Turkey!

Amy's Dad Dropping the Bird

Our brother-in-law Hugh checking the status of the bird

The bird is done!
Looks good enough to eat!

A few after dinner night shots



MaggieGem said...

Looks like a great holiday tradition... wonderful photos!

HemlockMan said...

What was that in the sky? Looks like you were about to get an alien anal probe!

A moonshine jug, yes. But was there real moonshine in it?

Damn, that tree really IS lit up! Fantastic color!

Grace looks like she is plumb serious with that bow and arrow. I'd watch out, dude!

Amanda said...

Great photos! That orange tree is spectacular . I really like the journalistic style you used to document cooking the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!!

~Christina~ said...

I did not grow up with a close family nor do I have any traditions like this. I love these photos! To me, they are the best of all Ive seen here.