Monday, November 1, 2010

A few photos from Saturday

I hope to have the trip report posted tomorrow, but for now here are a few waterfall shots from Day 2 of our weekend getaway to Georgia!

Amicalola Falls

DeSoto Falls

Blood Mountain Creek Falls

Dicks Creek Falls


MaggieGem said...

Great shots of all those falls! Love the long exposures.

HemlockMan said...

I've been to all of those. Back when I was a teenager! Or even younger in the case of Amicalola Falls. Carole and I stayed at the Len Foot Hike Inn when we last saw Amicalola Falls. You and Amy should stay there. It's a five-mile hike, but an exceedingly easy hike. Rolling terrain with only a couple of mild hills to climb.

Kim said...

I just love your waterfalls work.. very beautiful.

Jack said...

Thanks Maggie and Kim!

Bob, I thought about trying to stay at the Len Foot Inn, but I could not convince Amy to do the five mile hike back and forth to the parking area!