Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another new waterfall

Despite the rain, I went out hiking today with Johnny, Tim, and Caroline.

We found a new waterfall that none of us was aware of.  It is not the most photogenic waterfall as it is mostly covered up with foliage.  And water drops on the lens didn't help matters.  But what did help was a lot more water than usual!  During normal waterflow, it is probably not worth a second look.

This waterfall is about 20-feet high, but with all the foliage there is no angle where you can capture the whole thing in one shot.



HemlockMan said...

From the amount of debris at the foot of that waterfall, my suspicion is that it doesn't even exist most of the time.

But pretty while the rain is falling!

Anonymous said...

Moving water is moving water! Nice!