Monday, March 21, 2011

Master Bathroom Remodeling Project - Before

For the past month, we have been in the middle of remodeling our Master Bathroom.

Why are we doing this?

1. Our house was built in the 1980s and all the bathroom fixtures were original, worn out, and dated.
2. The wallpaper is also almost 30 years old.  Plus, we are not big fans of wallpaper to begin with.
3. Carpeting in bathrooms is nasty and in my opinion should be against all building codes!
4. The Jacuzzi tub was on its last legs.
and of course the most important reason
5. My wife Amy wanted to.  I could have lived with the current bathroom for many more years, but when it comes to household remodeling projects, my wife is the boss!

Here are some before photos:

 Over the next few days, I will catch you up to the current status of our project.

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