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2016-01-30 Jack and Amy do Asheville

Jack and Amy do Asheville
Hiking, Drinking, and Shopping
Bent Creek Experimental Forest
Lake Powhatan Recreation Area
Wedge Brewing Company
Oyster House Brewing Company
Altamont Brewing Company
Asheville Outlet Mall and the Tonic Market
Saturday, January 30th, 2016

At the Wedge Brewing Company

Amy and I took a trip up to Asheville, NC this past Saturday for a day of hiking, drinking, and shopping.  We started out with an Amy Approved hike through the Bent Creek Experimental Forest and the Lake Powhatan Recreation Area.

 Amy along the trail

 Amy hiking into the Sun

 Geese at Lake Powhatan

 Me at Lake Powhatan

This area contains a large network (about 50 miles) of trails and forest service roads.  It reminds me of DuPont State Forest, except without the waterfalls.  The only waterfall in this area is the Man Made one at the Lake Powhatan Dam.

Dam Waterfall below Lake Powhatan

After our hike, it was time to hit a few Asheville Breweries that I have not been to.  We started out at the Wedge Brewing Company.  This proved to be a new favorite, especially on days that it is nice enough to sit outside!

The Wedge Brewing Compnay 

A couple enjoying a few brews at the Wedge Brewing Company 

 My Dead Flight at the Wedge Brewing Company

Next up was the Oyster House Brewing Company for a late lunch / early dinner and another flight of brews.  Definitely not on the top of my favorite brewery list, but I did have one of the best bowls of Clam Chowder that I have ever had!

 Me at the Oyster House Brewing Company

 Amy at the Oyster House Brewing Company

We rounded out our brewery hopping with the Altamont Brewing Company!  Another one to add to the SCJack recommended list!

 The Altamont Brewing Company

Since hiking and breweries is more of my thing, we finished up our Asheville visit with something Amy wanted to do.  A visit to the Asheville Outlet Mall. 

I am definitely not a fan of Outlet Malls, but this visit was made much more bearable now that the Asheville Outlet Mall has a Husband Daycare Center where I was able to sample a few more brews while Amy browsed the shops!

The New Tonic Market at the Asheville Outlet Mall  (aka Husband Daycare)
photo credit:  Tonic Market

It was a beautiful day to explore the fabulous city of Asheville!

The Complete Set of Photos is posted here:

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