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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas Morning at Bill and Michelle's  House
(before the kids attack the presents)


This year for Christmas Amy and I traveled up to Virginia to visit with my side of the family.  We stayed with my brother Bill and his family.

One of Bill's Neighbor's House
Do you think they have enough inflatables?

On Christmas Eve my entire family showed up to celebrate the holiday together!

 Watching the Redskins in Bill's Basement

 Katie and Bill

Conner and Katie

 Chinese Food Takeout for Dinner
A Thyen Family Christmas Eve Tradition!

 My Sister Mary directing the 12 days of Christmas
another Thyen Family Christmas Tradition!

Christmas Morning we enjoyed watching Liam and Marielle (my Niece and Nephew) open their presents from Santa!

Liam and Marielle running down the stairs to get their presents!

Liam and Marielle

Later that day, we all headed up to my Sister Mary's House for an awesome Christmas Dinner.  My brother-in-law Scott always puts his culinary skills to work to prepare an awesome meal.  This years meal included what was probably the best pork chops I have ever eaten!

 My Mom with Liam and Marielle at my sister Mary's House

The day after Christmas we went on a family hike to Great Falls (more on that will be in the next blog post)

At Great Falls Virgina
Me, Mary, Michelle, Marielle, Liam, Amy, and Bill
(more photos from our Great Falls hike will be in the next blog post)

We definitely enjoyed our visit!  Bill and Michelle are great hosts and we really enjoyed the quality time with Liam and Marielle!

Amy and Marielle on the Swings

Liam and Amy

We returned to Spartanburg for a few days before heading up to Chapel Hill, NC for New Year's Eve for some holiday celebration with Amy's side of the family!

 Grace and Caroline

 Caroline and Amy's Mom

 My Brother-in-Law Hugh

 Amy gets a hug!
Caroline loved her Minion Blanket!

Tony (Hugh's Dad)

Amy's Mom, Amy, Jenny, and Suzette (Hugh's Mom)

Amy and Caroline

Tony and Suzette

The complete set of photos from our Christmas Visits is posted here:

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