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2017-06-13 Thyen Family Vacation to Asheville - Day 4

The Thyen Family Vacation
Asheville, NC
Day 4  (The Day of the Bear)
Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

 Mary and Liam at Lunch Rock along the MST

One of my favorite things about this year's vacation was our early morning hikes.  I tend to be an early riser, and was usually the first one up.  I would enjoy views on the front porch with my morning coffee while waiting for others to emerge from their slumber.

 Morning Twilight view from the Front Porch

This morning my Sister Mary and Nephew Liam were up early as well.

Liam and Mary

The three of us decided to go for a hike along the MST to Lunch Rock and a good ways beyond.  We were rewarded with some awesome above the clouds views!

Liam and Mary

Above the Clouds

 Morning Hike Selfie

 Hanging out at Lunch Rock

The morning views were awesome, but the most exciting part of the hike happened at the very end!  We spotted this guy along the trail: 

Note:  The bear photos were all taken with Full Zoom and cropped (sorry about the lousy quality).  It is still one of the closest I have ever come to a bear in the wild.

We pretty much stopped once we spotted the bear on the trail ahead.  The bear obviously spotted us as well and paused to look us over.  It stared as us for a few seconds, then took about 5 or 6 steps towards us before scampering down the hill towards the Blue Ridge Parkway down below.

Many people are afraid of bears, but I always get enjoyment from the rare occasions that I see one in the wild!  And I was extra excited to be there for Liam's first Bear in the Wild experience!

Later that day, a group of us went into downtown Asheville to stroll around town, check out a few local shops, and to hit a local brewery for a flight or two. 

We ended up at Wicked Weed Brewing Company which was previously my least favorite of the Asheville Breweries I have been to.  However, since it was the only one we found that was open early on a weekday, this is where we ended up.

My brother Bill and Me enjoying a flight at Wicked Weed Brewing

If you are a person like me that does not enjoy crowds, this is a much more relaxed and enjoyable spot at Noon on a Tuesday than it is on a Saturday Afternoon!

 Conner, Liam, Me, Bill, Michelle, and Marielle at Wicked Weed Brewing

After a few appetizers and brews, we met the rest of the gang for a late lunch / early dinner at the Bier Garden Restaurant for their Tuesday Pint Day Specials.  Great Beer Selection and the food was better than expected as well!

Liam and My Dad at the Bier Garden Restaurant

As with most days during the week, I finished up the day with a Sunset Hike to Lunch Rock along the MST

 Sunset from Lunch Rock along the MST

 Sunset from Lunch Rock along the MST

Ran into this guy during the hike back

The Complete set of Photos from Day 4 are posted here:

More to Come Soon!

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