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2017-06-14 Thyen Family Vacation to Asheville - Day 5

The Thyen Family Vacation

Asheville, NC

Day 5  (The Day of the Rainbow)

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
 Group Photo on Craggy Pinnacle
It was a very foggy morning to start the day, so I soaked it all in on the Front Porch with my morning coffee.

Foggy Morning view from the Front Porch

Liam was the only other early riser to join me on my morning hike to Lunch Rock on the MST.
Me and Liam at Lunch Rock along the MST

 Liam at Lunch Rock along the MST

 Morning hike Selfie with Liam

Later that morning a group of us decided to do a few short hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway starting with Craggy Gardens.  The Rhododendrons were a little past peak, but they were still really nice!
Group Photo at Craggy Gardens

Liam and Marielle


 Craggy Gardens

Next up was Craggy Pinnacle!

 Marielle and Liam on the Craggy Pinnacle Trail

Amy at Craggy Pinnacle

Amy and Me at Craggy Pinnacle

My brother Bill and his family at Craggy Pinnacle

Me and Amy at Craggy Pinnacle

We finished up our morning the short climb up to the Summit of Mount Mitchell.

 Heading up to the Mount Mitchell Observation Platform

 Liam and Conner on Mount Mitchell

 Marielle and Liam on Mount Mitchell

 Group Photo at the highest peak East of the Mississippi

Later that afternoon Bill, Michelle, Amy and I headed into downtown Asheville to visit a couple of Breweries.  It was my first visit to the Twin Leaf Brewery and I really like it.  I was a bit disappointed in Hi-Wire Brewing.  Hi-Wire used to be one of my favorites, but in my opinion it has really gone downhill over the past few years!

Amy, Michelle, and Bill at The Twin Leaf Brewery

My Brother Bill and Me enjoying a flight at the Twin Leaf Brewery

For dinner, my brother-in-law Scott (the Chef) picked out a place called Copper Crown.  This is definitely not the type of place I would have selected, but Scott did well with the restaurant choice as this ended up being the best meal of the entire week.

While at dinner we had a heck of a storm roll through.  Once we got back to our rental house we were rewarded with an awesome rainbow!

 My Treasure under the Rainbow!

 Rainbow from our front porch

 Rainbow from our front porch

 Rainbow from our front porch

Rainbow from our front porch

I finished up the day with a sunset hike to Lunch Rock along the MST

 Sunset from Lunch Rock along the MST

 Sunset from Lunch Rock along the MST

Sunset from Lunch Rock along the MST

The complete set of photos from Day 5 is posted here:

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