Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandfather Mountain Photos from Day 1

Grandfather Mountain, NC
Friday, August 19th, 2011

A few more photos from the first day of my Grandfather Mountain Camping Weekend

The Grandfather Mountain Entrance Sign

Plenty of Flowers and Bees to Photograph

Grandfather Mountain View

At the Mile High Swinging Bridge

Daylight Ended with a Spectacular Sunset, so I will share a few more sunset shots

Grandfather Mountain Sunset

Grandfather Mountain Sunset

Later in the evening, I attempted a bit of night sky photography.
I wasn't really happy with the way any of them turned out, but I will share it anyway

Star Trails - 15 minute exposure

The complete set of photos from Day 1 of my
Grandfather Mountain Camping Weekend is posted here:

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HemlockMan said...

Let me know about that event next year so that I can take off from work and attend it. If I know far enough ahead of time I can make some arrangements to get loose.

I suppose one can spend the evening on Grandfather Mountain by hiking up via the access trails outside of the hideous park facilities. I may just go that route to see what it's like up there during an entire turning of the Earth.