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Day 1 - Jack and Amys Easter Weekend Getaway to TN

Jack and Amy's Easter Weekend Getaway to TN
Day 1
Rock Island State Park, TN
Jack Daniels Distillery
Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast
Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Jack and Amy at Twin Falls - Rock Island State Park, TN

My wife Amy, being a country music fan, has always wanted to visit Nashville, TN.  I am not a big country music fan or a fan of big cities, but I went along with Amy's wish and we planned a extended weekend getaway to Nashville.

Go about an hour or so outside of Nashville and you can find plenty of stuff that I like.  So we decided to split the trip into two parts.

The first two nights we booked a room at a little Bed and Breakfast outside the town of Tullahoma, TN.  I had a hard time deciding the best route to get there but ultimately decided to avoid Atlanta and Chattanooga and instead take the northern route along I-40 most of the way.

It was tempting to make a stop at some of my favorite places like Max Patch and/or the Smokies, but instead decided to save our stops for places we have never been.  First stop was Rock Island State Park, TN.

 Great Falls - Rock Island State Park, TN

 Great Falls - Rock Island State Park, TN

 Un-named waterfall at Rock Island State Park

 Twin Falls - Rock Island State Park

 The boat at the base of the falls gives a good sense of scale

Twin Falls - Rock Island State Park, TN

Twin Falls far exceeded my expectations and I was certainly glad we decided to make a visit!

After our visit to Rock Island, we headed on into Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery.  They offer a free guided tour of the Distillery or for $10.00 each you can do a "Tasting Tour".  I was planning to do the tasting tour, but we had just missed it and I didn't feel like waiting around an hour and a half for the next one.  So instead we did the free "non-tasting" tour.

 The Jack Daniels Distillery

 Our Tour Guide

 The Cave Spring where all Jack Daniels begins!

Jack and Jack

After a very interesting tour, we headed on to our Bed and Breakfast located about 15 minutes from the Distillery.

Amy and I like to find unique places to stay when traveling, and the Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast Certainly fit the bill!

The Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast

At one time this was a working Mill.  Now it is an Antique Shop and a three room Bed and Breakfast.  We would be the only guests during our stay and the inn-keepers live in a separate cabin, so we had the place all to ourselves!  Except for the two cats which took a liking to us!

 Our Room at the Bed and Breakfast

 The sign describing the Rock Wall

 To the right you can see the Belts from the Old Mill Operation that ran through our bathroom area.

We also had a nice waterfall right outside our door!  So we posed for a few Jack and Amy photos!

 Jack and Amy by our own private waterfall

  Jack and Amy by our own private waterfall

 Jack and Amy by our own private waterfall

With no Internet, no cell service, and no cable/satellite TV there was nothing to do but just relax and enjoy our seclusion!

The Complete set of Photos from Day 1 is posted here:

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