Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 2 - Jack and Amys Easter Weekend Getaway to TN

Day 2
Jack and Amy's Easter Weekend Getaway to TN
Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast
Old Stone Fort State Park
Baker Falls
Short Springs Nature Area
Machine Falls
Busby Falls
Rutledge Falls
George Dickel Distillery
Cascade Falls
Ole Shed Brewery
Friday, April 19th, 2014

Me at Machine Falls

As usual I was up before Amy, so I made a big pot of coffee and grabbed the camera to photograph the waterfalls outside our Bed and Breakfast.  There are actually two steams that flow over the same ledge forming a pair of waterfalls.

The main one is not very photogenic due to the old pipe that used to provide the water to run the mill's turbine. 

 Waterfall at the Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast

However, the tributary stream does form an attractive waterfall.

Waterfall at the Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast

Eventually, Amy emerged from the bed and we enjoyed a nice breakfast prepared by the nice couple the owns and runs the Bed and Breakfast. 

After breakfast we hit the road to do some waterfall wandering.  The weather was perfect for waterfalling, with a nice overcast sky and comfortable temperatures.

First stop would be Old Stone Fort State Park.  An easy 2.6 mile loop trail offers access to several nice waterfalls.

 Step Falls - Old Stone Fort State Park

 Jack and Amy at Step Falls

 Big Falls - Old Stone Fort State Park

 Small Tributary Waterfall flowing into the Duck River

 Blue Hole Falls - Old Stone Fort State Park

Next up we made a quick stop at Baker Falls.  This one definitely requires some trespassing as it is located in someone's backyard.  We did knock on the door of the home to ask permission, but nobody was home.  So we made the quick descent down to the overlook deck.

 Baker Falls

From there we headed on over to the Short Springs Nature area to check out a few more waterfalls.  Machine Falls was my favorite of the weekend!

 Machine Falls - Short Springs Nature Area

 Me at Machine Falls

 I also made it to Busby Falls and found another nice un-named tributary stream waterfall.

 Un-named side stream waterfall

 Busby Falls

Afterwards I realized that Adams Falls is also located within this area giving me an excuse to get back sometime!

Next we made a stop at Rutledge Falls.  I regretted not stopping by this one earlier as it was swarming with people.  Again another excuse to get back to this area to hit this one earlier in the day before the crowds arrive!
 Rutledge Falls

 Stupid People at Rutledge Falls

From there we headed on over to the George Dickel Distillery for another Distillery Tour.  This is a much smaller operation than Jack Daniels but still very interesting.  And today we opted for the tasting tour which meant we got to sample (4) varieties of Geoge Dickel Whisky (note: George Dickel leaves out the E in Whiskey).

 The George Dickel Distillery

 The George Dickel Distillery

After the distillery tour and a few very small shots of George Dickel Whisky, we stopped by Cascade Falls just down the road from the Distillery.

 Cascade Falls

From there, we had a nice dinner at "Fast Jacks" in downtown Tullahoma, where I enjoyed a local beer brewed by the Ole Shed Brewery.  It was good enough that we decided to stop by the Brewery where I got a sample flight of all (4) of their beers.  Good Stuff!

 Amy outside the Ole Shed Brewery

 Me enjoying a Sample Flight at the Ole Shed Brewery

Our innkeepers told us about another waterfall just down the road from the Bed and Breakfast.  So we made that our final stop of the day.  I don't remember if this one had a name, and it is probably barely a trickle during times of low flow.

Small waterfall down the road from the Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast

The complete set of photos from Day 2 of our Easter Weekend Getaway is posted here:


Leah TravelQuest said...

Lovely shots of waterfalls, do you mind if I ask what is your camera setting when you taking waterfalls? Thank you in advance.

Jack Thyen said...

I like to use a tri-pod and slow down the shutter speed to about a half second. The only auto setting I use is auto focus.