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2015-12-04 Burrells Ford Camping and King Creek Falls

Burrells Ford Camping
and King Creek Falls
Oconee County, SC
Friday, December 4th, 2015

Just before the Hess Truck Season exploded on my Hess Truck website, I went on a little camping weekend with some of my Team Waterfall buddies.  Things have finally slowed down enough for me to go through some of my photos from over a month ago.

We decided to make the Burrells Ford Campground our base camp for the weekend.

The Burrells Ford Campground

The campsites are about a quarter mile hike from the parking area, so it is not quite car camping, but not quite backpacking.  

Fire Wood Transport System

After setting up camp, I decided to do the short hike to King Creek Falls, which is about a half mile from the campground.

 King Creek Falls

 Me at King Creek Falls

 King Creek Falls

After my visit to King Creek Falls, I made one final hike back up to my truck to get some beverages for the evening and ran into Andy and his dogs who would be joining me for the first night of camping.  We had a very enjoyable time around the fire .

 Me, Andy, Boone, and Kona around the Campfire

The fire was very welcome as the temperatures dipped below freezing. 
Starry Sky over the Chattooga River

We had a much bigger group join us for the second night of camping, but I decided to leave my camera in the truck.  Anything that happened around the campfire that second night will not be mentioned!

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