Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's Photos - Fresh Cut Flowers

Amy's friend Kristi sent her a bouquet of fresh cut flowers for her birthday.  So today I went with the Macro Lens and Tripod for some long exposure flower shots.

Since the shots would be taken indoors, I didn't have to worry about wind or any other outside distractions.  And with the camera rock steady on the tri-pod, I could go with a very slow shutter speed, which allows me to set a low ISO and small Aperture (high F/Number).  This virtually eliminates any noise (graininess) and allows me to maximize my depth of field to get the entire flower in focus.

Also, I set the bouquet up in front of our refrigerator.  Since it is solid black, it eliminated any background distraction.  I am very please with the way these turned out.  I have included the key camera settings under each photo.

50mm  - ISO 100  - F/32  -  30 seconds

50mm  -  ISO 100  -  F/36  -  10 seconds

50mm  -  ISO 100  -  F/36  -  30 seconds

50mm  -  ISO 100  -  F/36  -  6 seconds


HemlockMan said...

30 seconds!! That one came out the best. I'm almost surprised it wasn't blurred from showing movements of osmosis and/or actual growth.

Kim said...

Wow Jack they are all beautiful...but I love the light pink rose ...the best. I think because of the placement of it..

Wendy said...

wow these are so beautiful, excellent!!

myrna said...

love them all . nice timing. y did you time each shot

Jack said...

Thanks All! I enjoy playing around with long exposure shots.