Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today's Photos - A trip to Rutherfordton, NC

Rutherfordton, NC
June 12th, 2010

For the past few weeks Amy's parents have been working on remodeling their living room.  They removed the 1970s era wood paneling, patched up the Sheetrock and put a fresh coat of paint.  They also removed the carpeting to reveal the original hardwood floors which they sanded down and refinished.  Finally, the just finished adding in the molding. 

Here is the finished product!

Amy's parents refreshed living room

We volunteered to come up and visit today to help move all the furniture back in.   

I also took a stroll around the property for a few other photos:

Black Eyed Susan

One of the vegetable gardens


The Greenhouse

As payment for our furniture moving work, we left with a bag full of fresh squash and cucumbers.

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HemlockMan said...

Sweet job on the room! Looks nice!