Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

I finally got around to going through all my photos from Christmas.

Here is a re-cap of how we spent the Holiday.

We started out at my parents house in Spotsylvania, Virgina:

It's been a cold winter.  This lake near my parents house was frozen over

A Holiday Train of Old Tractors displayed near my parents house

On Christmas Eve, we headed up to my Sister's house in Sterling, VA

My Niece Katie

My Nephew Conner

After Christmas, we headed over to my Brother Bill's house in South Riding, VA for a few days:

My Niece's Katie and Marielle


My Sister-in-Law Michelle and my Sister Mary

My Brother Bill

My Nephew Liam with Puff

Puff, the craziest looking cat I have ever seen

Marielle and Liam with Puff

While at my brother's house, we took a trip into Washington, DC to check out the sights and visit the Washington Botanical Gardens:

The Capital Building - Can you tell it was Cold Outside!

Marielle and Liam at the Washington Botanical Gardens

My wife Amy at the Botanical Gardens

Me at the Washington Botanical Gardens

My Dad meets his Heros!

And finally, during the last day of our visit, we took the kids Ice Skating:

Marielle and Michelle

Marielle, Michelle, Liam, and Katie

Katie, Conner, Marielle, and Bill

It was a great Christmas Holiday and a very enjoyable visit with my family

Additional Photos are located here:

Up Next:  Christmas #2  (New Year's with Amy's Family)


HemlockMan said...

Last time I was in DC W. Moron Bush was still there. In fact, I had to wait while Prick Cheney sped past us in a motorcade bristling with guns as he raced into the White House. I made a video of that as he passed. As much as I hate our former President and his retarded monkeyboy, those Secret Service guys would probably have gotten trigger happy on me if they'd known I was that close.

When I went into the Dept. of the Interior offices to pick up a huge stack of National Park brochures, the doors had some really cool anti-Bush stuff taped up. Ballsy until I realized that the Bush regime's days were numbered at that point and Obama was getting ready to move in.

Mr. J said...

Sterling, South Riding, & (I'm guessing) Arlington? You weren't too far from me, Jack. Looks like you enjoyed your visit! Have a blessed new year.

Jack said...

Mr J. My parents live in Spotsylvania, my sister in Sterling, and my brother in South Riding. We always drive through Arlington whenever we decide to venture into DC, but I don't know anyone who lives there.