Friday, January 28, 2011

SSPBDT Poker Night Report

SSPBDT Poker Night Report

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The Players:
Jack Thyen
Jeff Martin
Steve Jeffery
Tom Weick
Pete Knapp
Ron Wise
Ken Carr
David Crowe

For this months Poker Night we ended up with a record number of players include three first timers. This offered up a few challenges. The only table in my house large enough to accommodate (8) players is the Pool Table. So we took the game downstairs to the Man Cave and played on the Pool Table.

The other challenge is that with (8) players there are not enough cards in the deck for some of the games we like to play. So for the first time ever we had to use two decks in order to play games like 7-card stud.

We overcame these challenges and had on of the best poker nights ever!

For the evening's meal, we had a Chili fest with three different varieties of Chili. Ron also brought along a batch of Pizza Rolls and nobody went away hungry. The only bad part of the meal was my corn bread which turned out lousy!

Back at the Poker Table something strange was happening! Steve-O seemed to be winning an unusually high number of hands. In fact, for the first time ever Steve-O ended up the biggest winner of the evening with a total of $9.00 in winnings!

Steve-O raking in another pot!

Ken was having a bad night of poker. For the first three hours of play he didn't win a single hand and came very close to having to buy more chips. However, he came up with a couple of huge pots near the end to put him in second place with a total of $3.00!

Also on the plus side was David (+$2.00), and Jeff (+$1.00).

On the losing end were Pete (-$1.00), and Ron (-$4.00). And the biggest loser award for the evening was shared with Tom and me who each lost $5.00!

As always a great time was had by all!

Mark your Calendars!
The proposed date for the next SSPBDT Poker Night is:
Thursday, February 17th, 2011

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HemlockMan said...

One of my nephew's best friends is a highly rated poker player. He's ranked something like 150 in the world or something--has been on that TV show about world poker championship. The guy's a jerk, but obviously a good poker player.

That there is certainly one big crowd of poker players. I've never played the game.