Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finding some new North Carolina Waterfalls!

Andy, Boone and I had a great hike/bushwhack today!  It is always a great day when we find some new North Carolina Waterfalls before our buddy Waterfall Rich of finds them.  I believe that was the case today.

I am not going to reveal the location until I get around to writing the trip report and posting the full photo set, but for now here is a teaser!

If the creek wasn't so cold, I would have waded across for a better angle
to eliminate the Rhododendron on the left side.
Always nice to leave an excuse to get back in warmer weather!

This one was a short distance downstream, but a very tough bushwhack away from the first one

Andy and Boone climbing through some boulders
This was along the way to the two waterfalls above

Here is a hint to the location of the (2) new waterfalls we found.  After we got back to my truck, there was still enough daylight to get another short hike in.  So we drove about 10 miles to hike up a small mountain where Iggy made his first appearance of the new year:

Iggy on top of the Big Rock / Cedar Rock Trail junction sign

The temperatures on the day never got much above freezing and there was a very light frosting of snow lingering in some of the shady areas.  Near the end of the day, we found this little frozen bog where Boone decided to check the stability of the ice.

Boone on the Frozen Bog

Has anyone ever made it the the two waterfalls we discovered today?  Can you guess where they are?  Stay tuned for the full trip report!


HemlockMan said...

Du Pont State Forest. Or near it.

Jack said...

The 2nd hike was in DuPont State Forest, but the waterfalls while nearby are not part of DuPont

Anonymous said...

Jack, Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and the enticing promise of a trip report!
I'll be staying tuned. I love that you got a shot of Boone having corned Andy in a cave. He has needed to be "treed" for some time now. You know how he is, you can't take him anywhere. He act up! ;^P
Hugs from Dana Bee

Brenda W. said...

Well .. you've really got me curious, since I live in Transylvania Co, and I'm embarrassed to say I don't think I've discovered either of these!!

The suspense is killing me ...