Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A couple of Photoshop examples

One of the gifts I received this Christmas was Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 software.  So for the last batch of photos I posted from this weekends Linville Gorge Hike, I experimented a little and did a bit more editing than I usually do.  Here are a couple of examples.

In this first shot, shows a snow covered forest that was ravaged by fires several years ago.  I felt most of the foreground was underexposed and much too dark.  With Photoshop, I was easily able to adjust the brightness and contrast to bring out the details in the foreground without causing the clouds and sky to become overexposed. 
Original Shot

Photoshoped version

This second shot, I liked the fact that I was able to catch Boone in action, but the Rock Jock trail head sign, but Boone was a bit underexposed making it hard to see the expression on his face.  Again, this software makes it easy to brighten up and show more detail in the dark areas without causing overexposure to the bright areas of the photo.  I also cropped out the distracting downed limb at the bottom of the photo to put more emphasis on Boone.

Original Shot

Photoshoped version


Kim said...

nice work Jack.. boy the fire really did a job on the forest and your editing really make it stand out. The Dog sure looks happy.. Have a great week. Kim

HemlockMan said...

Amazing! The second shot is especially superior for having been through the Photoshop program. The first one not so much.

Eeyore said...

Jack, I'm still back on Photoshop Elements 5.0, but short of the full PS, it is amazing. I took a course at a local college on PS Elements and believe me, it REALLY helped. You might want to look into some local night class.
Great work with it anyway.

MaggieGem said...

Great editing! Nice work for someone just starting out on PSE, keep it up!