Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lingering White Stuff

Growing up in the North, it was not unusual not to see the ground for weeks at a time after a good snow storm.  However, here in the South, what little snow we do get is usually gone after a day or two.

The snow started falling late Sunday Night.  What followed was one of the coldest weeks with night time temperatures in the teens and day time temps barely creeping above freezing.  As a result, almost a week after the snow, there is still a good bit lingering around. 

Here are a few shots from today of our lingering snow.

Welcome Winter

The shady side of the street

Our Front Yard

Even the street still has some remaining snow and ice

Small stream running along the edge of our property

Our Back Yard

Rock Ice

The Backside of our House

Burn Barrel

1 comment:

HemlockMan said...

We still have snow here, too. Looks to me as if you guys probably got more than we did. All I can tell you is that I have been falling down at least once per day every day this week on the job. That glaze of ice that hit just after the snow was the worst!