Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bald Rock Sunrise

Bald Rock Sunrise
Greenville County, SC
Saturday, April 28th, 2012

I had a nice hike today with the CMLC (Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy) near Brevard, NC.  The hike didn't start until 10:00am which meant I didn't need to leave the house until around 8:30am.  However, I was wide away at 5:00am and decided it might be a good day to catch a sunrise!

I decided to head across Hwy 11 and up US276 towards Caesars Head.  Once US276 starts climbing up the mountain it is about 2 miles to the pull-off for Bald Rock.

Bald Rock is also known as Graffiti Rock.  Since it is a roadside attraction, it makes for easy access for spray painting vandals to mar this impressive rocky bald.  Despite the graffiti, it still offers up some nice views.

Unfortunately the cloudy skies never opened up enough for the rising sun to break through.  However, that did not stop me from taking a bunch of photos!  Nothing Spectacular, but still a nice morning!

 Just before Sunrise

 Looking west towards Table Rock Mountain

 view of Table Rock Mountain

 Playing around with the White Balance

 Same view - different white balance setting

 I liked the dead tree in the center

 Sunrise (behind the cloud cover)


 I also like the pools of water in the rock

 Looking West towards Table Rock

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HemlockMan said...

Nice. You can almost forget that the place is coated from end to end with crappy graffiti.