Friday, April 6, 2012

Today's New Waterfalls

OK, so these are not actually new.  They are located just off a heavily traveled trail.  I have hiked past these waterfalls about a dozen times and checked them out through the trees on many occasions.  I often thought about making the steep off trail scramble down to the base, but they are on a fairly low flow stream and the scramble never seemed like it would be worthwhile.

However, yesterday evening through this morning the area probably got about 2 inches of rain which really filled up the creeks.  Plus the nice overcast morning sky made this the perfect day to check these out from the base.  I am glad I did!

Me at the lower of the two new waterfalls

This one is just upstream from the first


HemlockMan said...

Where are these?

Jack said...

You will find out when I get my trip report up.