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2012-06-30 The Start of our Vacation

Goose Creek State Park, NC
Bath, NC
Belhaven, NC
Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Every summer my entire family gets together and rents a beach house for a week.  In the past it has always been a Saturday to Saturday rental.  However, this year, the house we chose was a Sunday to Sunday rental.

Amy and I didn't want to wait until Sunday to start our vacation so we booked a room at the Belhaven Water Street Bed and Breakfast for Saturday night.  This would give us the opportunity to visit some places in North Carolina that we have never been before.

Our first stop was Goose Creek State Park, NC.  There are about 10 miles of trails inside the park, but with the temperature in the triple digits, it was too darn hot to hike much more than a mile or so.  We chose the Live Oak Trail, a short and easy trail which took us to the shores of the Pamlico River.

 This guy was there to greet us as we arrived at the Pamlico River

Me in a Tree

The most memorable part of this trail were the many interesting trees along the trail and the river shoreline
 Amy by a Large Tree

 Very Cool Tree Bark

Due to the heat, we only explored a small section of the park, but I would definitely like to get back and see a bit more during cooler weather!

After Goose Creek State Park, we made a stop in Bath, NC, a quaint little waterfront town that neither of us had ever been to.  Bath is the oldest incorporated town in North Carolina making for a lot of history.  Again, it was too darn hot to really do much exploring, but we did make a few photo stops.

Amy relaxing at a waterfront park in Bath, NC

Bath, NC

Next up, we made our way to Belhaven, NC and checked into the Bed and Breakfast.

We found a nice little park nearby where I snapped a few photos while Amy enjoyed the swings.

 Belhaven, NC

Amy on the Swing

We enjoyed an awesome seafood dinner at Georgie's Oyster Bar before making our way back to the Bed and Breakfast.

Amy decided to hang back with her first of many books while I decided to check out the sunset

 Belhaven Sunset

Belhaven Sunset

While photographing the sunset, I could not help but notice the live music coming from "Farm Boys" restaurant across the road.  So after the sunset had finished, I headed over to grab a brew and enjoy a few tunes.

Live Music at Farm Boys Restaurant

The complete set of photos from Day 1 of our Vacation is posted here:

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