Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Family Beach Vacation - Family Photos

2012 Family Beach Vacation
Southern Shores, NC

For my final 2012 Family Beach Vacation Post I am just going to share a variety of family photos taken throughout the week.

 My Niece Marielle and Nephew Conner



 My Brother Bill

 Liam getting tossed around

My Nephew Conner, Sister Mary, Nephew Liam, Brother Bill, and Marielle


 Liam, Mary, and Marielle

 My Mom and Dad


 My Brother Bill and his wife Michelle


 Bill tossing Liam up in the Air

My wife Amy


 Family Photo

 My Brother-in-Law Scott and his Mom Linda

 Scott and Katie

My nieces and nephews - Marielle, Katie, Liam, and Conner

The complete set of family photos is posted here:

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