Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DEW Falls and Johns Jump

DEW Falls
and Johns Jump
Transylvania County, NC
Saturday, July 21st, 2012

We decided to finish up our day of Waterfall Wandering with two roadside waterfalls.  We parked at the large grassy area where Mill Creek crosses under Hwy 281.  We started out with DEW falls which is located just upstream from the Bridge.

Its about a 5 minute walk on a gated forest service road to this small but very scenic waterfall.

 DEW Falls

Wide Angle Shot of Andy Photographing DEW Falls

Next we hit Johns Jump which involves a short but steep scramble downstream from the bridge.

 Johns Jump

Side view of Johns Jump

Both of these are well worth the quick visit if you are in the area and made for the perfect ending to our day of Waterfall Wandering.

The complete set of photos from our days adventures are posted here:


HemlockMan said...

Nice waterfalls, but it doesn't look as if any of them had any good swimming holes.

wayne15575 said...

Fantastic captures Jack thanks for sharing