Sunday, July 4, 2010

Annual Family Beach Vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina

June 26th thru July 3rd, 2010
Southern Shores, NC

We are back home from our annual family beach vacation.

It has been an ongoing tradition that my entire family gets together and rents a beach house every summer for a week of family and fun. We have rented the same house for about the past 10 years. This year we decided it was time to upgrade to a larger house. We missed the old house, but this house definitely made things more comfortable for everyone.

The first couple of days were very hot and humid, but the beach and the pool made it easy to cool off as needed. Mid-week we had one rainy day which we used as movie day. The rainstorms broke the heat and the humidity and the last couple of days was absolutely perfect beach weather!

I took hundreds of photos and posted some of my favorites to my blog throughout the week.

Here is another one of my favorites:

Marielle and Liam

One thing about being the photographer in the family is that you don't get in a whole lot of photos. But just to prove that I actually was at the beach, here is one of me that my wife Amy took:

Me Boogie Boarding

A larger sampling of photos from the week are posted to my webshots album:


MaggieGem said...

Marielle and Liam are adorable... glad to see you enjoyed yourself too!

Jack said...

Thanks! They sure are cute! My brother has done good with those two!