Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's Photos - Water Drops and a Bug

To keep our Pepper and Tomato plants standing upright, we use these cone shaped wire cages around the plants.  Turns out a spider has decided to use one of these cages to build a web.  After watering the plants this morning, I liked the way the water drops were hanging on the the spider web, so I grabbed the camera.

After a few photos of the water drops, I also noticed a bug crawling around on one of the Pepper Plants, so I went in for a close-up with the Macro Lens.  Unfortunately, the little bugger would not stay still for me.


HemlockMan said...

Aw, man! I have to get me one of those lenses!

He may not have held still, but that shot on the leaf is killer! You were patient enough to get a really good angle!

Jack said...

Yes, I thought the angle of the shot was good, I just wish the focus would have been a little better.

Play around with what you got, learn how to use the new camera to it's fullest, and then decided what your next lens will be.

Start at page 1 of the manual. Read unitl you come to something you don't already know and then take out the camera and experiment. When you understand that feature, move on to the next page.