Monday, July 5, 2010

Forth of July trip to Rutherfordton, NC

After spending the past week at the beach with my family, we decided to head up to Amy's parents house for a Forth of July visit. 

As usual, I always enjoy taking photos around my in-laws place:

On the Old Ford Truck

Redneck Mailbox


Very Very Hot Peppers

Amy's Mom is one of 17 children, so there are always new Aunts and Uncles to meet.  Today Amy's Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Jim were down for a visit.  Very interesting people.  They have an old school bus that they converted into an RV / Rope dealership, The Rope Locker.  They travel the country in the big yellow school bus selling rope:

The Rope Locker Bus parked next to Amy's Dad's Shop


HemlockMan said...

17 children. Good grief!!!

Jack said...

Yeah, it is crazy! I can't imagine (17) children in one house!