Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Roof, The Hail, and the Rain

Back in March/April this year we had a series of severe hail storms hit our area. I didn’t think they were quite bad enough to cause significant damage, but over the past few months we noticed a bunch of new roofs going up around our neighborhood.

Just to be safe, we decided to call our insurance company to take a look at our roof. Sure enough, we got hail damage. So courtesy of State Farm we would be getting a new roof.

Our last measurable rain was Memorial Day Weekend. We’ve gone eight straight weeks without any more than a few drops of rain. There have been plenty of showers in the area, but they all seem to just miss us.

I hate watering the lawn as I find it very wasteful, but also hate to see it die! Therefore I have been wishing for rain!

So how do you bring on the rain?
Tear off your roof!

Yesterday they started on our new roof. And of course as soon as all the old shingles are torn off, but before the new shingles are installed, one of those afternoon showers we have been so desperate for, parks itself above our house and dumps about 2 inches!

The grass definitely needed the rain, but our Sheetrock and popcorn ceilings certainly did not!

Lousy Photos, but you get the idea!

The above photos are in our master bath room and show the worst of the damage.  The good news is that this just happens to be the room we had next up on our list of remodeling projects.  I would be a lot more upset if this was in one of the rooms that we recently completed.

So today, the roofers are back to finish up the roof, and of course in comes another rain shower!  Fortunately we did not notice any new leaks, but the rain did force them to quit early and push the job on to a third day.

It is crazy that we can go a whole eight weeks straight without any rain.   Then as soon as the roof gets torn off, the rain arrives.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Eeyore said...

Hmmm. I wonder if rain damage while the roof is being repaired is a covered expense by State Farm. Maybe they could help fund your remodelling effort in the bedroom.

HemlockMan said...

God is a guy named Murphy. He has these laws, see...