Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fetchin Water

My wife's parent's home is on a large piece of property in Rutherfordton, NC.
Each year they say they are going to scale back,
but they still manage to plant and grow way more vegetables
then they could possibly eat themselves. 

They do enjoy it, and with canning a freezing they hardly ever have to buy veggies.
However, it sure keeps them very busy during the summer.

Unfortunately, this has been a very dry summer.
It ha been a struggle to keep the crops watered.
About 3-4 times a day, Amy's dad takes the tractor down to the
spring that runs along the edge of their property.

At the "Oasis" there is a heavy duty pump to fill up the water totes.

Amy's Dad driving the tractor down to the Oasis

Backing the Water tote to the Oasis

Amy's Dad waiting for the water tote to fill

Hauling the full tote of water back up to the crops


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HemlockMan said...

It's nice that he is able to afford all of the equipment that it takes to keep the gardens watered. That is a really cool tractor cage!