Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Photo - Dragonfly

Today's photo plan was to roam around our yard in hopes of finding something interesting to photograph.  It didn't take long before I saw this guy fluttering around.  I followed it around for a while hoping it would stay still long enough for me to get a close-up photo since I was using the Macro Lens.

I wasn't having much luck, but finally it landed on the side of our house.  I started snapping away, gradually getting closer and closer.

Most of the shots turned out blurry because this side of our house was in the shade and I was shooting hand held, but I think this one turned out pretty good :

Dragonfly (I think)


HemlockMan said...

Yep. That did turn out well.

Mr. J said...

Agreed. Great patience often yields better shots than great gear or outsize talent.