Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Photo - Pepper Flower

Last year we had great success growing hot peppers, we decided to try it again this year. 

Like the Tomato, Peppers start out as flowers.  Most people don't really pay much attention to these flowers, but today I decided to get a shot of one:

Pepper Flower

I have no idea what kind of hot pepper this flower will turn into.  Like most of our garden plants, this one started out as a seed planted in Amy's parents Greenhouse.  Amy's Dad bought a variety pack of hot pepper seeds.  He was expecting several packets of seeds, but instead he received one packet with the variety of seeds all mixed together.   We ended up taking (5) pepper plants for our garden this year, and based on the differences in the leaves, it appears we have (4) different varieties.  It will be a surprise what each of them turns into!  But if things go well, there will be Pepper photos in the near future!

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~Christina~ said...

Thats a very nice capture!